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First Responder Fitness and Wellness

1st Responder Conferences is presenting a two day seminar focused on health and wellness of first responders, hosted by the City of SeaTac Police Department.  We will discuss issues that are relevant to the first responder community in a dynamic and interactive format.   

Topics include:

Physical Fitness Training- how to make it a priority and where to fit it in.  We will discuss training modalities and strategies to improve fitness levels with high intensity short duration training sessions. 

The Stress Response System - Utilizing the latest scientific research, this series gives first responders an understanding of their own nervous system and strategies to take control of it. During this module we will break down physiology in a dynamic and interactive format to improve human performance.

Mindset - The way we interact with the world is based on our mindset. Our values, purpose, code, and acceptance of hardships all drive the way we view life. This series covers strategies to improve mental readiness.

Performance under Pressure - The realities of a first responders world can be harsh.  From a preventive approach, this series covers the impact of chronic exposure trauma and the impact it has on us.

Recharge - The only way to be optimal while on duty is to properly recharge while off duty. This series covers concepts of flow, positive psychology, and the latest research on sleep and performance.

Family Resilience Tactics - You give everything you have to the profession. Often, there is very little left for the family. It is well known that if  home life is not stable, it will be reflected in work life. This series addresses tactics to improve communication and reconnect with loved ones that watch you leave and pray for your safe return.

Nutrition- We will discuss strategies to eat better on and off duty.   This course reviews meal prep, how to eat healthy on the road, and gives resources to assist responders simplify the science and reduce nutrition pitfalls.

Resources- We will be discussing confidential resources for first responders and their families, so they have a place to reach out in difficult times.

Presented by Lieutenant Melvin Allick from the Texas Department of Public Safety

Presented by Training Specialist Lacy Wolff from the Texas Department of Public Safety

Presented by Captain Greg Davis from the Texas Department of Public Safety

Presented by Lieutenant Will Kennard from the Texas Department of Public Safety

Presented by the founder of Code 4 NW, Officer Steve Redmond from the Seattle Police Department

This seminar is open to anyone who is a first responder, works with first responders, and/or is a family/friend of a first responder.  We encourage spouses to attend. (Space is limited)

This event is hosted by the City of SeaTac Police and sponsored by Code 4 NW. 

Continental breakfast included

You must register to attend.  Early bird registration is $50 and open until January 3rd.  After January 3rd, ticket prices increase to $75.00.  Registration and the Continential breakfast will begin at 0700 on January 18th.


January 18th-19th 2018

Seattle, WA