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  Beyond Career Survival

About: Beyond Career Survival is a multi-instructional two-day seminar focused on officer and first responder wellness. Topics of discussion are centered on significant issues facing law enforcement professionals and first responders in the 21st century such as PTSD, Depression, Suicide, Addiction, Mental Health, Stress, Peer Support, Leadership, and Mentorship.

Career Survival introduces nationally recognized speakers who present on matters that impact the personal and professional lives of first responders and their family members nationwide. The two-day seminar is recommended for all first responders, their family members, peer support groups, clinicians, therapists, chaplains, and professional support staff. 

Now is the time to bridge the gap between silence and discussion as we forge ahead in support of one another as first responders on the path to wellness.

1st Responder Conferences was created to help educate first responders to be resilient, day in and day out, throughout their careers.  We are dedicated to providing the highest degree of first responder training, education, and information from worldwide leaders in the area of First Responder Health and Wellness.  Our conferences include a compilation of topics and subjects presented by nationally recognized dynamic speakers, on those matters that impact the personal and professional lives of ALL first responders and their families.

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