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About: Career Protection Resiliency is a compilation of topics and subjects such as, depression, suicide, addiction mental health, resiliency, peer support, leadership, and mentoring.  Nationally recognized dynamic speakers present on those matters that impact the personal and professional lives of first responders and their family members nationwide. This training should be attended by all first responders, their family members, peer support groups, clinicians, therapists, chaplains and those that work in/and around the field. You will not be disappointed.‚Äč

1st Responder Conferences was devised by Deputy Shawn Thomas in 2016 after her peer support captain suggested putting on a conference in Seattle, WA, focusing on health and wellness of first responders.  Initially, it seemed like putting on a conference would be simple, but it was soon realized that there are many moving parts and the planning can be extremely challenging at times.  The good news was when the conference was announced, several other departments liked the idea of a health and wellness conference and began requesting them in different locations.  At that time, with the help of other entities, future conferences began to develop.  The Seattle conference was a great success and first responders reached out for confidential help.  Saving the lives of first responders made the planning and effort completely worthwhile.

 Since inception, several first responders, health care industries, doctors, therapists and first responder organizations throughout the country have become involved in the conferences.  Together it is our goal to make mental health a priority for all first responders and their families by providing education, support and confidential options for them when needed.

 We are constantly striving and working with others to help our everyday American heroes.  If you are passionate about helping first responders and want to join our efforts, please contact us.

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